Lighting Design

Outdoors Enhanced

Potts Land Design provides excellent landscaping designs and reliable service at a reasonable price within your budget. If your budget does not permit immediate installation of the entire plan, we can accommodate our clients by allocating the available funds to do what makes sense now, and install the rest as funds permit. We purchase only top quality materialsearning our clients’ trust as they see their gardens maintain a healthy and beautiful appearance through the years.

Professional Design

Professionally designed landscape master plans generlly range in price from $800 to $2400, depending on the size and complexity of your design program. Should you elect to have our professionally trained lighting design crew perform the installation, we will deduct your design fee from the total cost of the installation. 

Expert Installations

We are pleased to complete virtually any sized installation project in which our clients are interested. Many of our new projects cost between $5,000 and $25,000, while some run $50,000 or more. Our projects start as low as $1,000. The complexity of the design, scope of the work, and client’s need for instant gratification are the primary determining factors in the cost. Our preliminary figures sheet includes installation cost estimates for high, medium and low cost options, enabling you to structure your installation costs to best meet your personal standards and budget. 

Installation costs typically fall into a midrange category. We are not the lowest cost installer in the Atlanta area, nor are we the most expensive. Low-end installation costs may reflect poor design capabilities, the use of inferior quality materials (smaller and less healthy plants) or an unskilled installation crew. With Potts Land Design your installation and design will always bring you an excellent result.  

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